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Heating Regulator H10
Heating Regulator H10

Product Description


For the cold season, ubisys has the optimal temperature control solution for you: You want to avoid high energy costs and still not freeze when you arrive home?
The ubisys module H10 extends the basic functions of your regular heating control with even more operating options. Automate or control processes individually using the ubisys Smart Home app, so that your home always has the ideal feel-good temperature at the right time.
The Heating Regulator H10 is a basic module that enables the control of individual rooms. You will also find several additional options to balance the heat in your building at, to ensure the optimal temperature.

Item No.

1205 (230V-version)
1199 (24V-version)


€ 249,- incl. VAT.



The heating regulator H10 for underfloor heating allows for individual room control and is very versatile due to its modular concept. The base module fits up to 10 thermo-electric actuators for underfloor heating to be connected to your smart home.
Optional add-on modules offer controlling of circulation pumps, the detection of forward and return temperatures for advanced control algorithms, the generation of heat requirement notifications to conventional boilers, and connecting existing room thermostats. It goes without saying that includes communicating with Zigbee thermostats and temperature sensors. Available in 24V and 230V version.


IEEE 802.15.4
Zigbee 3.0


Advanced Zigbee thermal regulator for floor heating
Zigbee router

Further Features

  • Modular design – perfectly suited for adapting to customer’s heating infrastructure with following devices: Thermostat interface, heating/cooling demand module, sensor interface and pump control.
  • Base module H10-B for direct drive of thermoelectric radiator valves: either 10 heating or cooling zones (one valve control output per zone, two-pipe system); or 5 heating and cooling zones (two valve control outputs per zone, four-pipe system); advanced PI control loop to determine heating demand and cooling demand; features a real-time clock with back-up battery for autonomous schedules; works with temperature, occupancy or combined environmental sensors, both “classic” and energy-harvesting Zigbee green power sensors.
  • Can work in conjunction with other thermostats in a leader/follower setup.
  • Compatible with Legrand’s in-wall thermostat UI Model No. 0 663 40.
  • Different operating modes: Under normal operating conditions thermostat set-points, occupancy information and temperature readings are used for closed-loop control of the temperature; When sensor reports are missing the device enters back-up mode and applies default valve opening values with different pre-sets for summer and winter seasons; Automatic temperature regulation of the built-in thermostat can be overruled by setting arbitrary steering values per valve output, e.g. 10%, 50% or 100% using zigbee level steering; Pass-through mode allows legacy wired in-wall thermostats to control valve outputs, i.e. the valve behaves like it was directly wired to the legacy thermostat; Manual mode allows valve control using a button (bypassing valve settings determined by either the Zigbee thermostat, legacy thermostats, or Zigbee level steering).
  • H10-230B and H10-24V employ staggered switching of valves to spread excessive valve turn-on currents over a time.

Nominal voltage

24V-version: 24V
230V-version: 230V~, 50Hz

Max. Switching Capacity

24V version: 5W per output
230V version: 10VA per output


DIN rail installation.
Suitable for mounting on DIN rails in heating distributors.


Measurement H10

Certifications and Environmental Contributions

Compatible Devices of
different Manufacturers

Hazard Warning

Installation and assembly should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. There is risk of electric shock. Electric shock can lead to death. Opening the device or other device manipulations voids the warranty.

Note regarding Philips hue

Although the Philips hue bridge / App currently supports the Zigbee 3.0 standard, not all device types are displayed in the hue app. Currently only the ubisys D1 (-R) can be controlled with the hue app – but not the products S1 (-R), S2 (-R) and J1 (-R). When and to what extent the hue app will support other ubisys products is beyond our knowledge. The ubisys Gateway G1 and the components C4, D1 (-R), S1 (-R) and S2 (-R) can control Philips hue bulbs though.

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