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Versatile and powerful.

Automations are available in the ubisys app and offer template-based, easy configuration. The “Advanced Lighting Control” template, e.g., offers a wide range of lighting control options, including daylight simulation (HCL) based on occupancy and/or luminance sensors.


Automations are very easy to set up, yet enormously versatile and powerful.
Zones allow you to divide a large system into multiple areas.
Zones can also be configured in dependence on each other (e.g. office and hallway).
Select the settings how your luminaires should be controlled, e.g. via sensors or time-based (HCL).

With daylight simulation (Human Centric Lighting) you always have the right light at the right time.

Hold times
Define the time period how long a luminaire should stay on after you have left a zone.
Standby level
When leaving a zone, it should be automatically dimmed down to a predefined standby level.
Private and commercial
Automate individual lights for residential use or an entire office floor.
HCL for MasterConnect

Includes a template specifically for customers using EasyAir SNS210 with MasterConnect who want to add an HCL profile.

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