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Sensor Interface H10-XW
Sensor Interface H10-XW

Product Description


With the integration of the H10 add-on module XW into your Smart Home system, you can determine forward and return flow temperatures and thus, if necessary do entirely without any installation of decentralised wall thermostats and temperature sensors. The H10 XW module informs you about the room temperature via your ubisys Smart Home App and identifies the heat requirement of your underfloor heating system to achieve the desired degree of warmth. Use the forward and return flow temperatures to optimise the self-regulating behaviour of your heating system.

Item No.



€ 119,- incl. VAT.



Note: The sensor interface is an additional option. Prerequisite for commissioning is the installation of the heating control H10 for underfloor heating.

The sensor interface (option H10-XW) is an accessory to the ubisys heating control H10 for underfloor heating. It allows the integration of contact temperature sensors to determine flow and return temperatures and is connected to the base module H10 via an extension interface.


Interface for contact temperature sensors.

Nominal Voltage


Max. Power Supply and Standby Consumption


Max. Amount of Sensors



DIN rail installation.
Suitable for mounting on DIN rails in heating distributors.
The thermostat interface is plugged into the base module H10 via the rear connectors.


Measurement H10-XW

Certifications and Environmental Contributions

Compatible Devices of
different Manufacturers

Hazard Warning

Installation and assembly should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. There is risk of electric shock. Electric shock can lead to death. Opening the device or other device manipulations voids the warranty.

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