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push messages app
 door / window contacts
smoke alarm
Arming/disarming the ubisys app



Uncomplicated arming / disarming via the ubisys app.

Easy Installation

The installation can be done on your own – without professional support.

Alarm Siren

In case of a break-in attempt the smoke detector acts as an alarm siren.

Push Message

Notification on your Smartphone – even on the go.


Using wireless technology also suitable for existing buildings.


No additional lines must be laid.

Various Alarm Cases

Burglary attempt, water damage, fire / smoke etc.


Meets the legal smoke detector laws.


The international wireless standard Zigbee allows for compatibility with products from other manufacturers.

Keypad / Keyfob

Arming / disarming also possible via keypad or keyfob.

Various Sensors

Door / window contacts, leakage detectors, Motion detector, smoke detector detectors etc.

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The gateway G1 is the “control center”. It connects your ubisys Smart Home to the outside world.

Smart home app for smartphones and tablets to control and monitor your property – even on the go.

The international wireless standard Zigbee allows you to integrate third-party products into your ubisys Smart Home.

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