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Product Description


The ubisys Gateway G1 is the centre of your smart home in which all data from the components integrated into the system are collected and processed. Among other things, it acts as a bridge by transferring from the Zigbee network to the local network, thus enabling you as a user to control your smart home using your smartphone or tablet. Experience the versatility of the ubisys smart home system and integrate additional third-party services such as Amazon Alexa into your system. This function is initially deactivated and can be activated individually. Your data remains within your own four walls and is not processed centrally –
an important contribution to protecting your privacy. All integrated Zigbee components in your smart home system will always be up to date, as the ubisys G1 automatically installs all software updates, including those from third-party developers. On top of this the ubisys Gateway G1 with its reduced, timeless design integrates seamlessly into almost any furnishing style.

New: Dashboard

The G1 offers you the possibility of professional data visualization via ubisys Dashboard:
Collect data and statistics about energy consumption, presence, brightness, temperature fluctuations, humidity, etc. in your building. The data is collected by sensors and visualized in the form of graphs and charts. The dashboard is hosted on the ubisys Gateway G1.

Item No.

1014* (PoE**: yes, antenna: integrated)
1434 BLE/MC (PoE**: yes, antenna: integrated)

*ubisys commonly suggests this model.
**PoE: Power-over-Ethernet


€ 129,- incl. VAT (item no. 1014*)
€ 399,- incl. VAT (item no. 1434)

*ubisys commonly suggests this model.



The gateway links your ubisys Smart Home to the outside world. It establishes a link via the internet connecting the ubisys Smart Home App on your mobile end device with the ubisys Smart Home components installed in your home. Connect the gateway with your DSL, UMTS or LTE router and you can manage and monitor your home while on the road.


IEEE 802.3af PD
IEEE 802.15.4
Zigbee 3.0



Via the web interface you can allow Apps on selected mobile end devices access to your smart home. Any lost device can easily be blocked and denied access with a mouse click.

System Details

32Bit ARM CPU, 400MHz
256MB NAND-Flash

Power Supply

5V= or 48V= (PoE Variant)
Power consumption: 0.8W

Gateway Server Software

Smart Facility Server
Zigbee Over-the-Air Update Server
Zigbee Time Server
Zigbee/IP Gateway (GRIP)
Linux operating system


10/100 Base-T Ethernet, PoE PD
Power supply, 5V/1A (Only needed if PoE is not desired)
USB 2.0 High-Speed Host Port (for future development)
Version with RP-SMA for external Antenna available

Web Interface (for Commissioning)

Web surface

Network configuration (DHCP, static etc.)
Firmware-Updates – also for installed devices
Unlocking and locking of mobile devices
Release support access


G1 Abmessungen

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

Compatible Devices of
different Manufacturers

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