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Advantages at a glance

Always up to date

Real estate in general is built to last an eternity or at least a lifetime thus justifying your assumption that building technology once installed, should reliably function for many years. If you decide to use smart home by ubisys you will get components whose firmware (that is what the software installed in the various components is called) can be updated via the internet at any given time. As soon as we offer new functions our customers using ubisys components immediately reap the benefits — unless of course, the update in question, is hardware based. Our home gateway regularly checks for ubisys latest firmware. You then decide if you want it automatically installed or maybe wait for an even newer version. The gateway also checks up on updates for all other Zigbee components in your system and makes it available. Even though our systems are thoroughly tested it may occur that a glitch in our firmware is detected after the component has been installed or changes in the standards have to be implemented. We have also taken precautions for these kinds of situations: Via „Zigbee Over-the-Air firmware upgrade (OTA)” these kind of devices can be upgraded while still active within the system — thus eliminating the need of a service engineer showing up or, god forbid, having to deinstall the device and sending it back for servicing.

Be prepared for the future smart grid today

With smart home products by ubisys you will already be prepared for the intelligent electricity grid of tomorrow, for Zigbee is already an integral part of the planning and development in this area and has been chosen as base technology for the upcoming standardisation. The OTA function also guarantees that future standards such as Zigbee IP and Zigbee Smart Energy 2.0 are supported if neccessary.

Smart Grid Roadmap des National Institute of Standards
and Technology

Remote maintenance: First hand service and support

The smart home gateway by ubisys has one particular function that backs up our service and support claims: In case of technical problems simply contact our competent support team and if absolutely neccessary allow them remote access to your gateway. No worries: The access is absolutely secure and can be terminated by yourself at any time — there is no back door.

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