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Transmitting Power
Remarkably low
transmitting power and short
transmission duration.
International standard
(Compatibility between devices
by different manufacturers).
Encrypted transmission
(128-bit encryption).
Mesh Network
Devices also work as
Router / repeater, ensuring that no
range problems occur.

About Zigbee

Zigbee Alliance

The Zigbee Alliance is an association of currently more than 600 international companies (including Siemens, Schneider Electric, Philips, Osram, Bosch, Busch-Jaeger, Samsung, Sony, etc.), which produce compatible devices for various applications based on a common standard, including home and building automation.
As a manufacturer of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC and Zigbee stacks as well as end devices such as dimmers, switch actuators, sensors and gateways as well as apps for iOS and Android, ubisys covers everything essential you might require. The advantage for our customers: All parts of the ubisys Smart Home solution come from a single source and are optimally coordinated with each other, but at the same time follow international standards.

More about the Zigbee Alliance

Zigbee 3.0

Since the launch of “Zigbee 3.0” in early 2016, the Zigbee Alliance has unified all previous smart home application profiles under one roof. Zigbee Home Automation, Zigbee Building Automation, Zigbee Light Link, Zigbee Green Power and other profiles have become one, and users have an even wider variety of devices to choose from. The availability of Zigbee 3.0 in Ubysys products has been available since mid-2016 – and also as a free update for all already installed devices.

Zigbee Mesh Network

Our ubisys smart home components form a mesh-like wireless network. Components not within radio distance to each other can reach out to intermediary components and use them as routers to transmit the specific data packets to their destination. All components permanently connected to the main power supply have the integrated router function constantly activated. This allows you — using very low powered data transmissions — to cover large objects.
Routes through the wireless ad-hoc network are determined ad hoc, thus ensuring the network not breaking down if a router fails, for an alternative route is easily found: The mesh network is capable of „healing” itself. The more components installed the tighter and more reliable the network gets.

ubisys products are certified.

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