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All advantages summed up


In contrast to wired, older bus installation systems, which require specially installed control cables as well as special switches and actuators (such as EIB / KNX), the radio-based system from ubisys offers the great advantage of being able to retain conventional wiring and, in addition, no new switches and sockets need to be installed. No major changes to the electrical installation necessary: Neither slots must be cut into the wall, nor additional cables procured and laid.


The wall socket for the lamp is permanently supplied with electricity? But you would prefer to switch it on and off from the wall light switch? Adapt brightness to your own mood? While on the road check if you really turned off that electric iron? All this is becomes reality with the ubisys smart home solution.

Budget Saving

Starting from the planing phase installation costs are reduced dramatically. In new installments when using ubisys smart home products compared to regular bus systems such as EIB/KNX, a total cost reduction of up to 60 – 70% is possible. Also if consistently using ubisys smart home system components, material and work expenses are significantly reduced and add up to 30% cost reduction compared to fully conventional wiring.


The same applies to setting up and configuring your smart home. Save the money that would it would cost to set up and configure older bus systems. No need for expert knowledge or costly hard and software tools for a once only reasignment of a switch to another end device.


This feature not only makes ubisys smart home ideal for new buildings but also for redevelopments, renovations and retro fitting solutions. Buildings can technically be brought up to date cost efficiently and without major rebuilding neccessary. The components for lights, shutters and heating in appartments or houses can be added later and subsequently help saving costs, highten security and upgrade the property value enormously.


By updating your firmware (that is what the installed software is called) in the individual components they all stay up to date and keep their value permanently. This way we can present new functions or eliminate glitches, whilst simultaneously being your upgrade path to the future „Smart Grid”.

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