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You want to make your lights Zigbee compatible? Then rely on the products and the know-how of ubisys.
From simple operations, over control of color temperatures and integration of your luminaires into smart ecosystems to the parallel operation of several protocols (Zigbee/BLE). ubisys provides you
with a variety of options of the automation of your lights:

  • Scenes
  • Group control
  • Time-controlled lighting
  • HCL (daylight simulation)
  • Prescence-dependet lighting

Rely on components from ubisys and expand your product portfolio with Zigbee compatible devices. Some example products, which are available as OEM or customer specific development:

Fields of application
ubisys components are suitable for the following applications:

  • Home lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Public buildings
  • Shop lighting

light planners

ubisys for light planners

In order to use rooms as efficiently as possible, the factor light plays a decisive role. ubisys offers you a wide range of options for operating and automating lighting systems according to your needs.
Plan and monitor your lighting installation with a variety of control options and set the foundation for a sustainable future.

Operation options:

  • Via already installed switches and buttons
  • Via ubisys Smart Home App
  • Group control
  • Compatible with ecosystems of other manufacturers

Configuration options:

  • Scenes
  • Time-controlled lighting
  • Voice control
  • HCL (daylight simulation)
  • Presence-dependet lighting


Monitoring options

  • Via ubisys Smart Home App
  • Via Dashboard (energy consumption, light level, presence, create statistics etc.)

Sonderentwicklungen & OEM

Special Developments & OEM

You would like to launch a Zigbee product in the smart home segment on short notice? Then take advantage of our white label service and bring ubisys products to market under your company name within the framework of a partnership. Products and solutions from ubisys are “Made in Germany” and are distinguished by being of highest quality, easiest handling and smoothest operation. Furthermore, ubisys also offers customized special developments based on the current product portfolio.

Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Need help with Zigbee? Then rely on the ubisys expertise. We are a leading supplier of Zigbee-based smart home solutions for lighting, shading, air conditioning and alarm – and a driving force in the Zigbee Alliance.

To get aquainted with our smart home products, we offer customers, such as planning offices and installation companies, appropriate training programs.


Online Shop & Reseller Discounts

Our smart home products and services are available directly from ubisys or from our authorized dealers.
Order easily and safely in our shop. Ideal for individual orders and larger orders from specialist companies, system integrators, or wholesale partners. There are various payment methods to choose from. First-class service and support directly through ubisys. Resellers can have a reseller discounts activated.

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