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Router R0

Product Description


To enjoy the full benefits of your Smart Home, the communication between your devices must work seamlessly. In spacious flats, old buildings or large houses it might occur that two devices in your system
are not in direct radio range of each other. In these cases the R0 forwards the radio telegrams of your Zigbee Smart Home devices, which means that you can also reach components in far-away rooms. Note: The router R0 is particularly recommendable if there aren´t enough installed Zigbee products with integrated routing, the network suffers from insufficient density and are only interested in the range extension. The ubisys components G1, J1 (-R), D1 (-R), S1 (-R), S2 (-R) C4 and H10 already function as routers, just like many Zigbee devices from other manufacturers, e.g. smart Zigbee lamps. If you have many battery-operated devices, the R0 is ideal to connect them.

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€ 79,- incl. VAT.



The router R0 is a ZigBee radio router and is used for routing ZigBee data in widely ramified buildings. In the current flush mount version, it is compatible to any standard switch box.

Note: The router R0 is to be considered as an additional option, which provides additional inputs. The components D1/-R, S1/-R, S2/-R, J1/-R, C4 and G1 already feature the router function. The router R0 has no connectors for control units (switch inputs, push-buttons or loads). Using this device makes only sense when combined with other Zigbee devices.


IEEE 802.15.4
Zigbee 3.0


Zigbee router

Output (End Device)





The router R0 fits into sufficiently deep DIN 49073 tins and can be placed flush-mount behind any socket, behind any light switch or into a wall or ceiling outlet — Being amongst the flattest in-wall modules, if not the flattest available on the market today, installation comes very easy.
Due to the resilient and innovative radio controlled technology there are no special skills needed when installed. This solution not only makes it ideal for new buildings but also for redevelopments and renovations. Additional components can be added and perfectly integrated into your smart home by and by.



Router R0

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

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Hazard Notice

Installation should only be performed by a qualified electrician. There is a risk of electric shock. Electrical shock can result in death lead. Prior to installation, disable voltage and cover live parts. Opening the unit or other devices interventions void the warranty.

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