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Control Unit C4
Control Unit C4

Product Description


A ubisys Smart Home offers endless possibilities. To enable you to design your system according to your ideas, the ubisys C4 control element offers you the option to control Smart Home components from ubisys or other manufacturers via normal switches, provided the components are standardized by Zigbee.
Select your operating elements as you prefer and flexibly assign functional behaviour such as dimming lights, switching loads, controlling blinds or calling up scenes.

Item No.



€ 99,- incl. VAT.



The control unit C4 can be connected to other ZigBee components from our Smart Home product line to control lamps, shutters or other electrical consumers. So, you can integrate more push-buttons, switches, motion sensors or twilight switches in your system.
This component has 4 connectors for controls (inputs for switches or push-buttons). The connected push-buttons can be set up so that you can dim lights, turn on/off electrical consumers, control shutters or call up scenes, for example.

Note: The control unit C4 is to be considered as an additional option, which provides additional inputs. The components D1, S1, S2, J1 and their rail-mounted versions usually already have two inputs.


€ 99,- incl. VAT.


IEEE 802.15.4
Zigbee 3.0


4 inputs (push-buttons)
Zigbee router

Output (End Device)





The control unit C4 fits into sufficiently deep DIN 49073 tins and can be placed flush-mount behind any socket, behind any light switch or into a wall or ceiling outlet — You will not have to replace any existing switches or sockets. Only unconventional switches, e.g. those installed in bus-systems (KNX/EIB) are incompatible. Being amongst the flattest in-wall modules, if not the flattest available on the market today, installation comes very easy.

Due to the resilient and innovative radio controlled technology there are no special skills needed when installed. This solution not only makes it ideal for new buildings but also for redevelopments and renovations. Additional components can be added and perfectly integrated into your smart home by and by.



Measurement C4

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

Compatible Devices of
different Manufacturers

Hazard Notice

Installation should only be performed by a qualified electrician. There is a risk of electric shock. Electrical shock can result in death lead. Prior to installation, disable voltage and cover live parts. Opening the unit or other devices interventions void the warranty.

Note Regarding Philips hue

Even though the Philips hue bridge/app currently supports the ZigBee 3.0 standard, not all device types are displayed in the hue app. For the time being only our ubisys D1(-R) can be controlled with the hue app – our products S1(-R), S2(-R) and J1(-R) unfortunately not. When and to what extent the hue app will support other ubisys products is beyond our knowledge. Our ubisys Gateway G1 as well as our components C4, D1(-R), S1(-R) and S2(-R) can control Philips hue illuminants, though.

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