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Universal Dimmer D1-R
Universal Dimmer D1-R

Product Description


Planning a cozy evening on the sofa or setting an atmosphere for a dinner with friends – the right lighting is crucial for the desired mood. With the ubisys component D1, you can individually and flexibly dim and switch incandescent lamps, LEDs and halogen lamps throughout the house. Using the various configuration options in the ubisys Smart Home App you can even define entire scenes and recall them at any time. Experience the fascinating effect of light and create unforgettable moments with the ubisys Dimmer D1.

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€ 139,- incl. VAT.



This dimmer allows for continuously variable brightness regulation of conventional light bulbs, high-voltage halogen lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps with a conventional wound transformer, low-voltage halogen lamps with an electronic transformer, and even dimmable LEDs and CFL lamps. Unfortunately conventional fluorescent lights can not be dimmed. All essential electric properties (R/L/C) of the attached end devices are gauged when switched on and then the best suited dimming mode (forward or reverse phase control, also known as leading and trailing edge, respectively) will be selected automatically. But it is also possible to bypass auto mode and specify the dimming mode manually. The end device should not exceed loads of 500VA and peak currents no more than 2.5A.
This component has one connection for end devices (output, load) and two connections for operating elements (switch or push-button). Push-buttons can also be set up to regulate a group of lamps or even activate scenarios.


IEEE 802.15.4
Zigbee 3.0


1 dimming end device
2 operating elements (push-buttons)
Consumption metering
Zigbee router

Output (End Device)

230V~, 50Hz, 500VA
Leading phase angle (L)
Trailing phase angle (R/C)


End device power: max. 500VA
Peak current: max. 2.5A


The Dimmer D1-R is to be installed in the control box of the sub-distribution on a DIN rail. The standardized design allows the replacement of an existing rail mounted device (e.g. a relais) by the smart universal dimmer D1-R. A flush-mount version for the installation behind a light switch or a wall or ceiling outlet is also available.
Due to the resilient and innovative radio controlled technology there are no special skills needed when installed. This solution not only makes it ideal for new buildings but also for redevelopments and renovations. Additional components can be added and perfectly integrated into your smart home by and by.


Measurement D1-R

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

Certifications and Environmental Contribution

Compatible Devices of
different Manufacturers

Hazard Notice

Installation should only be performed by a qualified electrician. There is a risk of electric shock. Electrical shock can result in death lead. Prior to installation, disable voltage and cover live parts. Opening the unit or other devices interventions void the warranty.

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