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ubisys presents CompactXML, a C++ class library allowing you to import and also generate XML documents according to the Extensible Markup Language Recommendation 1.0 . At your disposal you have all interfaces, methods and attributes defined in the Document Object Model (DOM) Specification. The entire library needs around 8KB ROM (ARM Thumb command set). RAM requirements depend on the size of the documents to be proccessed. Memory requirement (ROM and RAM) can cn be reduced even further by deactivating certain features. Amongst them are

  • Support for comments
  • Support for Processing Instructions
  • Support for CDATA Sections
  • Support for Attributes

You can also define if the library is to be used for importing or generating XML documents, thereby reducing code volume and RAM requirement accordingly. These optimizing options can safely be used when document proccessing and generating is done by a single person.

Note: Also compatible with iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

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