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Compact7B is an embedded C++ library for 32- and 64-bit controllers and System-on-Chips offering wireless communication based on Zigbee PRO. It requires CompactFrameworkTM and Compact15.4™ to provide the runtime-environment as well as PHY and MAC layers, respectively. The Compact7B™ is a Zigbee PRO 2023 Compliant Platform featuring Zigbee Direct and Zigbee Green Power, awarded multiple Golden Unit designations by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (former Zigbee Alliance). It is the foundation for the world’s first certified Zigbee 3.0 products.

First rate Zigbee products and high-performance applications can easily be developed using the Compact7B™ Stack, as the framework is object-oriented throughout, easing the workload of the firmware developers while giving them more room for their own ideas. Support for Zigbee Green Power and the Zigbee Cluster Library is integral to the framework and most of the Standard Clusters have already been implemented and can easily be integrated in your own applications. Compact7B™ is a mature, reliable and proven solution, providing you with state-of-the-art Zigbee technology.

Existing Ports (Excerpt)

  • ARM Cordio 15.4 IP

  • BL702

  • BL707

  • AT91SAM7S512 + CC2520

  • ATSAM4S8B + CC2520

  • QPG6095

  • QPG6100

  • QPG6105

  • BCM2837 (Linux) + GP711

  • BCM2837 (Linux) + GP712

  • BCM2837 (Linux) + QPG7015M

  • IPQ5018 (Linux) + QPG7015M

  • IPQ60xx (Linux) + QPG7015M

  • MT8512 (Android/FireOS) + GP712 + FEM

  • Ralink MT7620 (MIPS 24KEc, openWrt) + Qorvo GP712 radio

The ubisys Zigbee Direct Virtual Device for POSIX is available on platforms with Bluetooth 4.0+ interface and the ability to operate as Bluetooth Low Energy Central:

  • Linux Device with Bluetooth (PCs, set-top-boxes, hubs, gateways, single-board computers like Raspberry-Pi etc.)
  • Android Device with Bluetooth (phone, tablet, smart speaker, TV, other)

  • iPhone (iOS 5.0+), iPad (iPadOS 5.0+), Apple Watch (watchOS 4.0+), Apple TV (tvOS 9.0+), Apple Computer (macOS 10.10+)

The list is constantly updated/expanded. If you have any questions about other platforms, just contact us:


  • C++ class library with all the benefits of inheritance, polymorphism, templates, STL, etc. designed and optimized to run on 32-bit ARMmicro-controllers, SoCs and application processors
  • Covers all software from IEEE 802.15.4 MAC and PHY glue, to Zigbee Network (NWK) and Application Support (APS), to Zigbee 3.0 Base Device Behavior (BDB), to the Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL)
  • Industry-unique, fully-integrated Zigbee Green Power (GP)
  • All Zigbee device roles supported (Coordinator, Router, Sleeping and non-sleeping End-Device), also in a single binary image (e.g. USB dongle or gateway with configurable role)
  • Sophisticated Application Framework with comprehensive and automated support for ZCL clusters, attributes, reporting, etc. with in-built flexibility for customization
  • Simplifies application development and maintenance by providing overloadable/overridable default behavior, such that applications are only required to react on changes to attributes, commands etc.
  • Use readily available clusters or derive your own implementation with specific tweaks to certain behavior
  • Framework includes support for finding & binding, application only has to enable endpoints as finding & binding target or initiator
  • Framework automatically generates all the descriptors (active endpoints, simple descriptors, etc.) on behalf of the application
  • Supports applications defined at compile-time and optionally applications defined at run-time (e.g. for gateways or bridges)
  • Modular and still tightly coupled, monolithic design to ensure optimum code reuse
  • Framework libraries for core services, peripherals, timers, smart packethandling, security etc.
  • Persistent Storage in flash-memory with ability to repair bad blocks and predictable, deterministic wear leveling for frequently changing values (like counters) featuring an advanced API for searching and updating tokens
  • Firmware completely upgradable via USB (e.g. USB dongles, embedded into gateways etc.) or Zigbee OTA Upgrade Cluster
  • Designed for performance, reliability and robustness
  • Advanced debugging features in debug builds (assertions, heap usage and detailed dump, stack usage etc.)
  • Silicon-vendor independent; portable to a variety of microcontroller and IEEE 802.15.4 radio combinations; simplifies migration e.g. when parts are discontinued and also facilitates second source


Zigbee SoC Solution (Single-Chip)

  • Solution for „things“, i.e. actuators and sensors
  • SoC includes radio and MCU running the stack
  • All Zigbee device roles supported: Trust Center, Router, or End-Device
  • Recommended: Cortex-M, 256KB Flash (512KB for on-chip OTA storageor full debugging features), 32KB+ RAM
  • Examples: CC2538, GP69x, ARM Cortex-M + Cordio 15.4

Zigbee Transceiver Solution (Dual-Chip or SiP)

  • Solution for „things“, i.e. actuators and sensors
  • MCU runs stack and application
  • Transceiver connected via SPI
  • All Zigbee device roles supported: Trust Center, Router, or End-Device
  • Recommended: Cortex-M, 256KB Flash ROM (512KB for on-chip OTAstorage or full debugging features), 32KB+ RAM
  • Transceiver Examples: CC2520, AT86RF233, GP712
  • SiP examples: ATSAMR21

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