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ARM adopts ubisys Zigbee 3.0 technology for its Cordio radio IP
Düsseldorf/Germany, October 25, 2016.

Ubisys technologies’ state-of-the-art Zigbee 3.0 stack has been adopted by ARM for its latest ARM® Cordio® radio IP solution, launched today at ARM TechCon in California.

The ARM Cordio product is part of a comprehensive suite of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies released by ARM to accelerate the mass deployment of secure connected devices. The release includes two new secure embedded processors alongside the IEEE 802.15.4-compliant ARM Cordio radio technology. IEEE 802.15.4 is the standard underlying Zigbee networks.

“Ubisys’ technology complements ARM IP to enable ultra-low-power, secure and scalable wireless solutions with a range of connectivity options,” said Bob Morris, vice president of marketing, Wireless Business Unit, ARM. “The world of IoT demands choice so products can be fine-tuned to the applications they are enabling. Ubisys’ Zigbee 3.0 solution, used alongside the ARM Cordio platform, delivers the range of connectivity that device developers are looking for.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with ARM in order to enable world-class Zigbee 3.0 solutions on platforms based on ARM processor cores, the Cordio radio IP solution for 802.15.4 and ubisys’ leading Zigbee stack,” said Dr. Arasch Honarbacht, managing director of ubisys. Honarbacht, who is also Vice Chairman of the Zigbee PRO Core Stack Working Group and elected voting member of the Zigbee PRO Technical Steering Committee within the ZigBee Alliance, added, “Zigbee 3.0 is the premier choice for creating interoperable, secure, scalable, reliable, low-power mesh networks for the IoT. Ubisys, the first company to successfully certify Zigbee 3.0 products, is the technology leader in this area. We are fully committed to making this partnership a roaring success and delivering an outstanding solution to the market.”

The Zigbee stack for Cordio is based on the same ubisys Zigbee PRO 2015 and Green Power implementation, which was awarded ‘Golden Unit’ designation by the Zigbee Alliance a year ago and has allowed ubisys to spearhead Zigbee 3.0 product certifications with 12 certified Zigbee 3.0 products so far.

In addition to core stack features, the comprehensive ubisys solution also includes higher-level software components for gateway-grade devices, for example the ubisys Smart Facility Service, Zigbee Gateway Service, Over-the-Air Upgrade Service and JavaScript Host. Adapters to global smart home frameworks like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Smart Home Skills, based on the Smart Facility Service, will be available as further building blocks for turnkey home hub solutions.

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