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ubisys at Light+Building: Sneak-Peek at Zigbee 3.0 Generic Energy Harvesting Switches
Düsseldorf/Frankfurt, March 16, 2016. At the world’s premier venue for innovations around lighting and building control, ubisys presents the latest enhancements to its Zigbee product line, including full support for EnOcean’s new 2.4GHz generic switch module leveraging the Zigbee 3.0 Green Power feature.

“We are very excited to present a sneak-peek at the outcome of the collaboration between the Zigbee Alliance and Enocean Alliance here in Frankfurt. Visitors are invited to have a look and try ubisys generic switches directly talking to universal dimmers D1/D1-R and shutter controllers J1/J1-R. We are really looking forward to market availability of finished products based on these OEM modules”, said Dr.-Ing. Arasch Honarbacht, ubisys lead R&D and member of the liaison technical working group.

Commissioning Flexibility
Users and installers have a lot of flexibility in partitioning switch functions among target devices. For example, users may choose to operate the four-way switch as four individual switches for four different devices, or as two rockers for two devices, or even as quadruple switch for a single device. The dimmers support one, two, three and four contacts per switch, providing the optimal user experience for any of these configurations. Each configuration allows using all the important device features, i.e., turning the lamp on or off and adjusting the brightness level. The shutter control also supports configurations with one, two, three and four contacts per switch, although the recommended minimum for a shutter is two contacts. Still, each configuration allows using all the important device features, i.e. moving the blind up, down and stopping its motion. As a general rule of thumb, dedicating more contacts to a single target device brings more convenience.

No Gateway Required
Contrary to other solutions on the market, which require assistance of a gateway or hub to translate between Zigbee Green Power Devices and classic Zigbee devices like smart LED bulbs, the Green Power sink functionality is built right into ubisys’ Zigbee actuator products. For example, a minimalistic network could consist of D1 and a harvesting switch, which could even be pre-bundled at the factory. This nucleus network can then later be augmented by gateways, sensors and further products as customers see fit.

About ubisys
Promoting the ubiquitous deployment of smart wireless systems, ubisys technologies GmbH is a leading Smart Home and Internet-of-Things company based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Its broad portfolio includes core technologies like certified Zigbee Golden Unit stacks, cloud services, advanced products including roller shade controllers, dimmers, smart power outlets and heating controllers as well as complete, consumer-facing solutions with gateways and apps for iOS and Android.

Zigbee: Control Your World
The Zigbee Alliance creates, maintains and delivers open, global wireless standards that enable everyday objects to work together and control your world in the Internet of Things (IoT). An open, non-profit ecosystem of 425 companies, the Alliance is developing and promoting the world’s leading IoT standards across a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial monitoring and control applications. For more information, visit

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