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29. April 2024

Version 4.2.6


  • Fix CurrentLevel attribute handling: send a Move-to-Level with On/Off command to ensure the target device actually switch on and off
  • Color temperature: expose minimum and maximum color temperature (if available)
  • Color temperature: fix color temperature conversion (Mired -> Kelvin)
  • Add support for groupcasts
  • Suppress redundant attribute updates (WebSocket API)
  • Window covering: add up/down/stop commands
  • Parse and provide inbound recall scene commands received via groupcast/unicast
  • Expose common IAS zones

JavaScript Automation Engine

  • Fix scene recall from scripts

10. November 2023

Version 4.2.0

New Features

Zigbee Adapter

  • Updated the internal ubisys U1 Zigbee Adapter to Application Version 2.3.0 with Zigbee Stack Version 4.2.2

Conflux Matter Bridge

  • Immediately reflect input configuration changes (ubisys C4 and similar devices, Green Power generic switches) on the Matter side (previously, this required a restart)
  • Remove Matter representation of a device that has been removed from the system
  • Improved support for IKEA FYRTUR roller blinds
  • Improved level and color control behavior for a smoother experience
  • Fixed a bug where only a single endpoint was exposed to Google Home in some cases. This affected the ubisys S2, ubisys LD6 and other Zigbee devices with multiple endpoints

HomeKit Zigbee Bridge

  • Bug fixes

Smart Facility Service

  • Improved robustness of the device and service discovery process
  • Resolved an issue where a Philips Hue Tap device was incorrectly identified as a Green Power Generic Switch device
  • Improved service management (graceful shutdown)


  • Expose scenes and provide an API to recall scenes
  • Fix sporadic disconnects of WebSocket connections
  • Other minor bug-fixes

JavaScript Automation Engine

  • Added support for writing Zigbee attributes from Automation scripts
  • The HTTP server for Automations has been improved to support URLs with special characters
  • Bug-fixes related to ZCL request handling

30. Juni 2023

Version 4.1.0

New Features

Zigbee Adapter

  • Updated the internal ubisys U1 Zigbee Adapter to Application Version 2.2.1 with Zigbee Stack Version 4.1.2

Smart Facility Service

  • Added support for structured read/write for ZCL arrays and structures. This feature allows taking full advantage of ubisys components with configurable inputs when configurations become complex
  • Added the ability to forward Zigbee messages addressed to the Smart Facility Service endpoint to arbitrary clients. For example, this enables automations to use arbitrary messages as triggers
  • Extended support for Green Power generic switches. They, too, now support the new Automation Button and Automation Switch profiles
  • Added support for manufacturer-specific attributes defined by different manufacturers for the same standard ZCL cluster, i.e., these attributes share the same attribute identifier but are distinguished by their individual manufacturer codes
  • Added Basic & Identify server clusters on certain endpoints


  • Added support for color-controllable lights
  • Added support for sensors: relative humidity, temperature, illuminance, occupancy
  • Added a WebSocket API, which allows controlling devices as well as receiving attribute updates
  • Added support to clients to receive input events from switches over the WebSocket protocol

JavaScript Automation Engine

  • Added support for client clusters, which allow a script to receive and process commands from e.g. switches
  • Add HTTP client and server modules, which allow a script to either send outbound HTTP requests to a server or to act as an HTTP server and process incoming HTTP requests
  • Added a ‘globals’ module, which allows to store system-wide global variables, which can be shared via scripts This adds a simple messaging facility, which allows a script to communicate with another script via messages.
  • Enhanced the API: Allow to override the scene transition time on scene recall
  • Enhanced the API: Extend the lookup function to allow retrieving scenes as well

Conflux Matter Bridge

  • Based on updated Matter Release v1.0.0.2
  • Added support for the Switch device type. This allows using e.g. a ubisys C4 (or inputs of any other ubisys device with configurable inputs for that matter) as a Matter Switch to enable triggering actions via a physical switch
  • Added support for controlling Zigbee Thermostats, e.g. the ubisys H1 or H10
  • Added support for legacy Zigbee Light Link devices

User Interface Enhancements

  • Added the option to configure certificates and a private key to enable access via HTTPS to the gateway. This allows secure access to the web interface, to the HTTP REST API as well as secure access to HTTP handlers defined in JavaScript automations. The latter provides a secure channel between JavaScript automation instances running on different gateways!
  • Now, you can add custom root certificates. This allows scripts to securely access a remote gateway via HTTPS when using a private certification authority, which isn’t trusted by default
  • Add a user interface to commission bearer tokens on the gateway. This can be used to grant access to the HTTP API as well as to authenticate requests handled by the JavaScript HTTP server module.
  • Added support for moving the Zigbee Network to a different radio channel in a live system


  • Moved back to Apple mDNS from avahi after avahi turned out to be unstable
  • Fixed a bug related to internal timers
  • Suppress redundant device discoveries after OTA upgrades for devices that fetch multiple OTA images
  • Fixed a bug, which could lead to a scheduled task not being executed as intended
  • Fixed a potential dead-lock scenario when inter-service communication fails unexpectedly
  • Increase robustness against data corruption during internal inventory updates
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the calendar for scheduled tasks from functioning as expected

16. Dezember 2022

Version 4.0.1


  • Hot-fix: Corrected an error, which could prevent commissioning via Bluetooth from the Philips MasterConnect app
  • Hot-fix: Resolve potential boot-loader freeze after factory reset
  • Matter Bridge: Avoid null value in color temperature reports. This is a work-around for a specification gap and consequential SDK parser error
  • Matter Bridge: Always assume tilt is position-aware. This is a temporary work-around to account for Zigbee window covering devices reporting inaccurate capability information

08. Dezember 2022

Version 4.0.0

New Features

  • Contains ubisys Conflux™ – Where Zigbee meets Matter!
    This major release represents a giant leap towards convergence and improved interoperability in the world of IoT! By virtue of Conflux, your G1 turns into a fully certified Matter bridge and makes your Zigbee devices seamlessly accessible to Matter controllers like Apple Home, Google Home, and others. Matter is a new open standard that is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the smart home and the IoT in general. To pair with a suitable Matter controller visit the “Integrations” section of the web interface and enable pairing. Then scan the QR code with a suitable control application. Multiple controllers can be paired at the same time.
    More on Matter and Conflux:

Note: Version 4.0.0 requires a prior upgrade to version 3.1.1 or later. Immediately upgrading from a version below 3.1.1 is not possible. This is just for your information. The update process is automatic.

06. Dezember 2022

Version 3.1.1

New Features

  • The embedded OTA server can now fetch OTA images from a customer-supplied location, which is specified as an HTTP URI. This provides full flexibility to system integrators in commercial deployments. Decide when which OTA firmware version is released into which project. Group by customer, by project, or down to a specific gateway. Also helps third-party product vendors pre-test their firmware images on a few select sites prior to rolling out at scale.
  • Updated boot-loader supporting compressed firmware update images and repartitioning of the internal storage makes room for cool new features, which we have already prepared for you in the next major firmware release! Stay tuned…


  • A number of bug-fixes and stability improvements under the hood.

06. Juli 2022

Version 3.0.2


  • Persistent storage format change could cause failure to load existing APS keys in some deployments. This could impact multi-hop joining. The adapter firmware contained in version 3.0.2 resolves this issue.

05. Mai 2022

Version 3.0.1

New Features


  • Improved the performance of outbound broadcast and groupcast Zigbee traffic. Prior, if too many requests were originating concurrently, e.g. due to numerous schedules and automations for a large number of different groups, some would have been dropped.


  • Updating the embedded Zigbee adapter firmware from a very old firmware version to the one contained in gateway firmware 3.0.0 could have been problematic. The adapter firmware contained in version 3.0.1 resolves this issue and can be applied to such older versions, too.

13. April 2022

Version 3.0.0

New Features

Web UI: Complete overhaul of web interface with cool new responsive design and more features

Experience the new website of your ubisys G1 gateway!
Find all necessary information and settings on the new, modern G1 website. Its responsive design guarantees the ideal user experience on desktops, tablets and mobile phones alike. A fresh and clear design helps you to navigate between the different options and the ubisys Dashboard (available as an additional licensing option) is now fully integrated. It is now much easier to develop custom JavaScript automations with editor, script control and log viewer integrated at a single place. In addition, users can now see JavaScript logs. It is now possible to opt-out of automatic firmware updates for G1 (potentially useful for some commercial deployments, not recommend for typical users). We have added a chart which provides an instant understanding of how far Zigbee Over-the-Air Upgrades have progressed. Filter and discard status messages by category (information, warning, error). We have further consolidated the user experience across all areas, so you feel right at home regardless which page you are looking at.

REST API: Add ‘hardware_address’ attribute to device and application objects

With this additional attribute it is easier to identify individual devices and use these in your own applications.

Added a few missing items to the backup and restore procedure: Data Collection and Aggregation Servce (DCAS) databases, HomeKit settings, QA settings, Zigbee OTA inventory, oauth2 database, JavaScript files and automations In addition to the possibility of backing up your configuration manually via the gateway website, automatic backups are created on a regular basis.


  • Zigbee Adapter firmware upgraded to application version 2.0.0, stack version 3.0.0.
  • Add support for IPv6 to mDNS responder.
  • Zigbee OTA Service: Conditional adjustment of the default download time window.
  • JavaScript Engine: Added heap consumption diagnostic features (duktape allocations per context)
  • Migrate from libressl to openssl 1.1.
  • Smart Facility Service client library: Add support for manufacturer-specific attributes during attribute lookup.
  • More stringent access restrictions for web sockets.
  • Time Service: Improve resiliency against temporary DNS lookup failures.


  • A number of bug-fixes and stability improvements under the hood.

04. Oktober 2021

Version 2.4.9

New Features

License Manager

With the new License Manager additional features can be added by customers themselves by entering a license key. For example, you can unlock the ubisys Dashboard after purchasing a license. The License Manager is available in the „Service“ section of the ubisys G1 website.


ubisys Dashbord is now also available in German.
Furthermore the user interface has been revised, redundant areas have been removed and several optimizations to the underlying data processing engine have been done.

The alarm system state is now stored in the so-called persistent storage, so that a restart of the gateway does not lead to an inadvertent deactivation of the alarm system.

Zigbee adapter firmware updated from application 1.9.2 , stack 2.0.13 to application 1.9.3, stack 2.2.1.


HomeKit Adapter
Remote Login

30. Juni 2021

Version 2.3.2

New Features

Remote Login

We are happy to announce availability of the brand new remote login feature for all our customers free of charge. In particular, professional users supporting multiple end-customers and commercial buildings like offices, schools, retail stores and industrial sites have been asking for this feature. Simply log into your gateway’s management web-site via and enroll new control devices, monitor and configure the firmware upgrade of Zigbee devices and much, much more. In particular, this solution also allows you to interact with our recently introduced web dashboard for energy and environmental monitoring.
Notice: For security reasons, remote login is disabled by default on already deployed gateways. New gateways allow login via the gateway’s install code or by scanning the QR code on the backside of your G1 with your smartphone or tablet and thereby further simplify the setup process if internet connectivity is available at commissioning time. To enable remote login on already deployed gateways, log into the web interface of your G1 from the local network, go to the „Security“ tab, and select one of the login options. If you select login using password, make sure you have selected a strong password.

HomeKit Zigbee Bridge

We have finalized support for Apple HomeKit and consider the implementation stable at this point. This included adding support for the identify feature. Certification of the bridge is being progressed. Watch out for future updates and the final market release.

Amazon Alexa – support for Shades, Blinds, and Shutters
ubisys HTTP API

The HTTP API now supports control of Window Covering devices (shades,  blinds, shutters etc.) in addition to lights and plugs. This allows control of those devices via Amazon Alexa. Our Alexa Smart Home skill has been updated and will be released to the public within the next few days after successful completion of the beta test stage.


Zigbee adapter firmware updated from application 1.9.1 (1.145), stack 2.0.13 (2.13) to application 1.9.2 (1.146), stack 2.0.13 (2.13). This is an internal maintenance release for logistical reasons with no significant changes for U1 and G1.


JavaScript Engine: Under rare circumstances a race condition or a number of lost acknowledgment frames despite successful message delivery could have resulted in a unexpected response frame and, as a consequence, a subsequent crash of the JavaScript Engine. This has been fixed.

21. Mai 2021


This is a minor update that focuses on improving system stability and does not add any additional features

Bug fixes

JavaScript engine for customer automations

  • Bug fixes and fix for a potential dead lock

System scripts

  • Address potentially high system load and slow response time caused by system services under rare circumstances



    • Increase of maximum compressed core dump size

    01. April 2021

    Version 2.2.20

    New Features

    Add-on: Data Collection and Aggregation Service (DCAS) and the ubisys Dashboard

    We are glad and proud to share the outcome of extensive R&D efforts undertaken over the past 24 months. Introducing the ubisys Data Collection and Aggregation Service (DCAS) and the ubisys Dashboard built on top of it. This is a great new user experience for data visualization built on latest technologies sporting a fresh, modern and responsive web user interface. This dashboard provides unparalleled insights into your IoT deployments, while maintaining ultimate data privacy: All the gathered data remains on your gateway, within your premises.

    Featuring a modular architecture, DCAS gathers sensor and actuator data, which flows in from the Zigbee network via the on-board Smart Facility Service, processes it and feeds it into a database hosted locally on your ubisys G1. This data is then accessible in real-time via latest web technologies. We have put a lot of engineering passion into the data processing engine to make it efficient and scalable. It supports collecting various physical entities like energy consumption as aggregates and breakdowns per zone/room and per device; temperature; humidity; illuminance; occupancy; HVAC heating and cooling demands; battery levels; lamp burn hours; and lamp failures. More data points like smoke detector status, CO and CO2 levels will be added soon – stay tuned. Works with all Zigbee devices, which expose these data points, including eco-friendly and maintenance-free Green Power devices. The data is meaningfully arranged and presented in various interactive chart types including time-series, bar charts, box plots and sunburst diagrams. The Dashboard gives you an immediate overview at first glance and the ability to drill-down on data from particular devices. Coarse timescale selection: Last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last month, last year.

    Within a particular time scale, an interactive time slider allows setting fine-grained time windows that will directly affect calculations and charts in real-time. The ubisys Dashboard is a complete solution with no extra configuration resulting in an amazing out-of-the-box experience. Being an add-on component, the dashboard and DCAS remain inactive until activated by entering a license code. Contact ubisys sales to purchase commercial licenses or request a trial license to start evaluating and assessing the added value provided by this new solution. B2B OEM customers may also license the DCAS service for integration with proprietary cloud services and other third-party solutions. Support for heat-maps is available on a per-project basis – reach out if you have such needs. Expect much more to come: Automated test scheduling and reporting, alarm notifications, user-configurable floorplans with heat-mapping, and so much more! Let us know about your use cases, and we will consider them for upcoming releases.


    • Zigbee Adapter firmware updated to version 1.9.2, built on ubisys Compact7B™ Zigbee stack 2.0.13. Please refer to the ubisys U1 change log for more details of what changed in this version.
    • Roll-up of shared stack libraries in Facility Service. Now based on Compact7B™ release 2.0.13


    • Introduced m7bdump internal diagnostics tool
    • The JavaScript automation engine now supports device look-up for Green Power devices based on their 32-bit device identifier. This allows using Green Power sensors, for example the Philips LCN3110/05 occupancy and illuminance sensor, in automations


    • Increased reliability of Persistent Storage maintained in the Facility Service (using POSIX file APIs)
    • Take into account potential address changes due to address conflicts during service discovery

    Behavioral Changes

    • When commissioned via BLE onto an existing network via the Philips Field App MC, auto-discovery of devices and services on the MasterConnect network is no longer inhibited. Previously, users of such systems would have to manually trigger device and service discovery via the ubisys iOS or Android app or third party applications. This reinstates the normal behavior of the gateway when it is added to an existing network


    • Identified and resolved a number of issues in the JavaScript automation engine, which would result in particular automations halting unexpectedly or the entire JavaScript engine freezing or otherwise malfunctioning
    • Some ZCL strings need to be escaped for XML compliance such that the Facility Service inventory remains valid XML
    • Other fixes, including invalid pointer access

    29. Oktober 2020

    Version 2.2.14

    • Mit diesem Update werden Automationsvorlagen eingeführt, ein komplett neues Konzept für vielseitige, erweiterbare und einfach zu bedienende Automatisierungen. Stellen Sie sich einen „Mini-App-Store“ für Automatisierungsvorlagen vor, die autonom auf Ihrem Gateway laufen. Diese können von mobilen Anwendungen, Cloud-Diensten usw. aus installiert werden. Für den Anfang stellen wir zwei Vorlagen zur Verfügung:

      • Advanced Lighting Control – Eine professionelle, kommerzielle automatische Beleuchtungssteuerung für Büro, Industrie, Einzelhandel, Schulen und öffentliche Gebäude. Natürlich kann sie auch für Anwendungen im Wohnbereich (Smart Home) eingesetzt werden. Unterstützt die Tageslichtnutzung mit Hilfe von Beleuchtungsstärkesensoren, belegungsabhängige Steuerung mittels Präsenzmeldern, intelligente und granulare, zonenübergreifende Präsenztrigger, Human Centric Lighting und vieles, vieles mehr.

      • Human Centric Lighting Pacemaker für Philips MasterConnect – Eine weitere Vorlage für professionelle automatische Beleuchtungssteuerung, die in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Signify speziell für eigenständige Philips MasterConnect-Systeme entwickelt wurde. Wählen Sie ein HCL-Profil für abstimmbares weißes Licht und verlassen Sie sich ansonsten auf die robuste, verteilte Lichtsteuerung, wie sie in der Philips Field App MC konfigurierbar ist.

      • Es werden regelmäßig weitere folgen. Wenn Sie Wünsche für Automatisierungen haben, senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an und wir werden diese bei zukünftigen Versionen von Automationsvorlagen berücksichtigen.

    • Unterstützung für Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) über einen dedizierten Bluetooth-USB-Dongle, der an den USB-Host-Anschluss des ubisys G1 angeschlossen werden kann, wurde hinzugefügt. Der einzige Anwendungsfall für diese Schnittstelle ist derzeit die Out-of-Band-Inbetriebnahme des G1 in einem bestehenden Zigbee-Netzwerk, insbesondere aus der Philips Field App MC heraus

    • Verbesserte Unterstützung für Zigbee Green Power. Das G1 kann jetzt mit bis zu 64 Zigbee Green Power-Schaltern und -Sensoren umgehen.

    • HomeKit-Bridge: Zusätzliche Unterstützung für Thermostate und das eingebaute Sicherheitssystem des G1

    • Neue Zigbee-Adapter Firmware – beinhaltet ubisys Zigbee-Stack 2.12 mit verbesserter Leistung und Fehlerbehebungen
    • Neue Anmeldemaske für die Weboberfläche
    • Fehlerbehebungen und weitere Verbesserungen

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