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ubisys adds “Green Power” feature to all its Zigbee products
Düsseldorf/Las Vegas, January 7, 2016. Today, at CES 2016, the renowned German manufacturer of quality Zigbee products, ubisys technologies GmbH, announced immediate availability of the Zigbee Green Power feature in its full range of Zigbee products.

“Being able to pair all of our actuators including dimmers, power outlets and window covering controllers with maintenance-free switches and sensors over the Zigbee mesh backbone is a major advantage that we are pleased to offer as free over-the-air upgrade to all of our customers”, noted Dr.-Ing. Arasch Honarbacht, lead R&D, founder and co-owner of ubisys.

Zigbee Green Power devices operate without batteries or run on the same set of batteries for their whole life span. They leverage electromechanical or thermal harvesters, solar cells, inductive coupling to power-lines or other ubiquitous sources of energy.

All ubisys Zigbee actuators support the “Green Power Sink (GPS)” feature, which allows them to understand and directly act on commands sent by Zigbee Green Power devices, without requiring translation by an intermediary gateway. In addition, all mains-powered ubisys Zigbee products support the so-called „Green Power Proxy (GPP)” feature, which effectively turns them into access points for Zigbee Green Power devices into the Zigbee mesh network. Devices that fall into both categories combine both building blocks in a so-called “Green Power Combo (GPC)”.

“Combining energy harvesting with secure, reliable mesh networking is what makes Zigbee Green Power an outstanding feature for building automation and other IoT applications. The latest polish of the Zigbee Green Power feature provides unparalleled application flexibility, security and resilience”, Honarbacht highlighted.

The ubisys Zigbee Green Power implementation supports commissioning of bidirectional Green Power devices, devices with multiple endpoints and various tunneling modes, which cover unicast, broadcast and group-cast communication paradigms. The Zigbee Alliance just recently awarded the prestigious ‘Zigbee Golden Unit’ status to the ubisys Zigbee stack for its implementation of the Green Power feature.

Green Power’s scalable architecture is remarkable. For example, a minimalistic network could consist of the ubisys Zigbee Universal Dimmer D1 directly paired with a Zigbee Green Power Switch. Such a minimalistic solution can bridge the gap in case architect and installer forgot to pull the wires for a light switch. Homeowners can later build upon this “nucleus” network, turning it into a fully-fledged smart home controllable by apps and advanced automation rules by adding the ubisys Gateway G1, motion sensors, door contacts, etc. at any point in time. Any Zigbee 3.0 routers added to this network will further extend the reach of Green Power to provide wireless connectivity to any spot in the building — not only for classical Zigbee devices, but also for Zigbee Green Power devices.

The core networking-level (“Proxy”) functionality is available in these ubisys products: D1, D1-R, S1, S1-R, S2, S2-R, J1, J1-R, R0, C4, U1 and G1.
The application-level (“Sink”) functionality is additionally available in these ubisys actuator products: D1, D1-R, S1, S1-R, S2, S2-R, J1, J1-R.

The ubisys products are interoperable with certified Green Power products of other vendors, including switches and sensors made by GreenPeak, Legrand, Philips and Schneider Electric. New products will support Green Power right away. For example, the Zigbee underfloor heating regulator, which is scheduled for launch at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt, will also support Green Power temperature and humidity sensors.

Über ubisys
Die ubisys technologies GmbH ist ein führendes Smart Home und Internet-of-Things Unternehmen aus Düsseldorf, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, den allgegenwärtigen Einsatz von smarten, drahtlosen Systemen voranzutreiben. Das breite Portfolio umfasst Kerntechnologien wie zertifizierte, als „Golden Unit” ausgezeichnete Zigbee Stacks, Cloud Dienste, fortschrittliche Rollladensteuerungen, Dimmer, intelligente Steckdosen und Heizungsregler sowie komplette, verbraucherorientierte Lösungen mit Gateways und Apps für iOS und Android.

Zigbee: Control Your World
Die Zigbee Alliance schafft, pflegt und liefert offene, globale Wireless Standards, die Alltagsgegenständen ermöglichen zusammen zu arbeiten und Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Welt im Internet der Dinge (IoT) zu steuern. Als offenes, gemeinnütziges Ökosystem mit mehr als 400 Unternehmen aus 37 Ländern, entwickelt diese Allianz weltweit führende IoT-Standards für die breite Anwendung zur Überwachung und Steuerung in privaten, gewerblichen und industriellen Umgebungen. Weitere Informationen unter

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