ubisys H1 Firmware Change Logs

May 12, 2022

Version Identification 

  • OTA file version: 011C0300
  • Application: 1.1.12
  • Stack: 3.0.0

ubisys Compact7B Stack Changes between 2.4.0 and 3.0.0

  • Added support for I2C TAP
  • Added support for a unified and fully configurable join/rejoin algorithm with back-offs and retries at the stack level
  • Reject trust center rejoin on a distributed security network (CSA incident no. 2021-ZP-0401)
  • Start TCLK exchange if an end device could not successfully finish TCLK exchange during its initial joining and has just rejoined
  • Improved sleep management: Checking both transmission and reception queues for pending packets, if necessary
  • Extended the advanced parent link maintenance mechanism by the new criterion “poor poll control reactivity”
  • More granular startup progress notifications, including kick-off of a Touch Link commissioning procedure
  • Stop ongoing join/rejoin retry attempts when Touch Link commissioning procedure is instigated
  • Encapsulated the All Hubs cluster’s dependency on the Touch Link server, IAS Zone server and Time client clusters, for better modularity
  • Added Enhancements to the Thermostat cluster
  • Made the hard limit for the scene table capacity configurable
  • Added support for the Relative Humidity Measurement cluster
  • Added framework support for initiating enroll request and IAS zone status change indication via the ZCL request queue
  • Added framework support for time query initiated by a Time client cluster
  • Prohibit automatic CIE detection by default; application is still able to instigate it though should legacy systems require it
  • Explicitly stop fast polling mode as soon as no more response frame is pending
  • Resume network activity if a router device just failed a rejoin attempt
  • Enhancement: PAN-ID and permit joining state changes are forwarded to application clusters
  • Bug-fix: Under rare circumstances, a frame might linger in the transmission queue without being actually sent
  • Bug-fix: Potential overflow of 64-bit timer values might occur when unsigned arithmetic is used for comparison of due times
  • Bug-fix: During MAC association, if an unrelated frame is being received via data polling, MAC association might be incorrectly terminated; account for this case and retry if permissible
  • Bug-fix: Periodical polling timer used to be unconditionally kept alive, even in case of data poll failure; temporarily cancel it to avoid interference with subsequent retry attempts. Once succeeded, the periodical polling timer will be reinstated for its normal usage.
  • Bug-fix: When assessing MAC capability changes for a rejoining device verify the “Device Type” and “Receiver on when Idle” bits only
  • Bug-fix: Skip route discovery table verification diagnostics in case of an end device
  • Bug-fix: Limit the use of incoming APS security material to few select cases only
  • Bug-fix: Periodical reporting on a cluster attribute could lead to undue delays of reports for other clusters
  • Bug-fix: Startup behavior of the OnOff cluster might be incorrect due to interactions with Level Control or Color Control clusters on the same application endpoint
  • Bug-fix: Brightness adjustment of the Level control cluster might be incorrect due to interactions with a Color Control cluster on the same application endpoint
  • Bug-fix: Under rare circumstances, neighbor table entries might be incorrect (caused by a typo)
  • Bug-fix: Under rare circumstances, out-of-sequence or truncated OTA data block could result in failed OTA download attempts

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