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Panel P7 — 7” Wall display

ubisys Smart Home Wall Display
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€ 699.-
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Sophisticated aluminium panel with a 7” touchscreen

With smart home by ubisys you will be able to manage your house, appartment or commercially used property centrally from our 7” wall display powered by Android 4.0 and with a touchscreen. The display will give you all house features at a glance. The interface was designed to be used inuitively. The design leaves nothing to chance — it was designed with up to date touch handling in mind. Menu navigation, controling elements, typefaces and colors make for simple and comfortable handling. Create your own unmistakable display using your own personal background image.

Do you want to read e-mails? Leave a message? Quickly call up a web site? Display the weather forecast for your region? No problem at all. For all the above mentioned and countless other applications there are Apps at Google Play and in various other stores with Android Apps.

Put a display in the entrance area and on leaving activate a preprogrammed scenario such as „leaving home”. Integrating other diplays, e.g. in the living room and in the bedroom presents no problem. Take into consideration that all your common everyday gadgets can turn into a display, for with the ubisys smart home App transform your smartphone, tablet or iPod touch into a remote control for your home..

Most important features:
ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot

Building management

With the menu option „Building management” you either navigate by function (lights, heating, shutters, etc.) or by rooms. As soon as the start up screen is on all active components will be displayed.

ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot


Navigate by rooms with an overview of all active components in each room being diplayed simultaneously. Select a room and immediately gain access to all its functions.

ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot

Lighting controls

Adjust the brightness of your lamps with a slider or by pushbutton or activate an atmospheric scenario. You can obviously simply use the normal power switch.

ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot


Combine various settings for dimmers, shutters and other devices in advance and activate all of them with the push of a button. Example: By the push of a button all shutters come down and the lights dimm up to 50%. Creating, changing and even deleting your own scenarios is rather easy and can be done quickly.

ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot

Set up

Set up your system all by yourself — surprisingly uncomplicated without need of any outside assistance. Name rooms, add new components, or link existing operating controls to any possible device, e.g. a wall switch to a group of lamps.

ubisys Smart Home App - Screenshot

Set up

For quicker and more intuitive navigation assign the rooms a fitting symbol.

Technical specifications

System details

  • ARM Cortex-A8, 720MHz
  • 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 2GB NAND-Flash
  • 7 inch TFT, 800x480 Pixel


  • Android OS 4.0
  • ubisys smart home App


  • IEEE 802.3af PD
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g


Length:? mm
Width:? mm
Height:? mm


Aluminium (brushed)


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