October 29, 2020

Version 2.2.14

  • This update introduces Automation Templates, a radically new concept for versatile, extensible and easy to use automations. Think of a mini-app store for automation recipes that run autonomously on your gateway. These can be installed from mobile apps, cloud services, etc. For starters, we provide two templates

    • Advanced Lighting Control – A professional, commercial-grade lighting control automation for office, industry, retail, schools and public buildings. Of course it can also handle residential applications in the smart home. Supports daylight harvesting using illuminance sensors, occupancy-based control, smart and granular occupancy-sharing across zones, Human Centric Lighting, and much, much more.

    • Human Centric Lighting Pacemaker for Philips MasterConnect – Another professional lighting automation template, specifically designed for stand-alone Philips MasterConnect systems in close collaboration with Signify. Let’s you select an HCL profile for tunable-white lights and otherwise rely on the robust, distributed lighting control as it is configurable in the Philips Field App MC

    • More to come on a regular basis. If you have wishes for automations, please send an email to support@ubisys.de and we will consider these for future automation template releases

  • Added Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) via a dedicated Bluetooth USB dongle that can be attached to the USB host port of the ubisys G1. The only use case for this interface is currently out-of-band commissioning of the G1 onto an existing Zigbee network, in particular from within the Philips Field App MC

  • Improved Green Power Support. The G1 can now handle up to 64 Zigbee Green Power switches and sensors

  • HomeKit bridge: Added support for thermostats and the G1’s built-in security system

  • New Zigbee Adapter firmware included based on ubisys Zigbee Stack 2.12 with improved performance and bug-fixes
  • New login screen for the web UI
  • Bug-fixes and further improvements “under the hood”

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