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System overview

The components

(1) Display (7) Door and window sensors
(2) Smartphone App (8) Video surveillance
(3) Power switch S1 (9) Access control
(4) Dimmer D1 (10) Motion detectors
(5) Shutter control J1 (11) ZigBee Gateway G1
(6) Heating Regulator H6 (12) ZigBee USB Stick U1

Short summary

The radio based system for intelligent building automation „Smart Home” by ubisy offers lighting control, shutter control, heating regulation, access verification as well as alarm-, security- and various comfort-functions.

The most important features

  • easy handling
  • uncomplicated Installation (no additional services required)
  • energy efficiency (smart switching, dimming and consumption metering)
  • reasonably priced when purchasing, installing, configuring, operating
  • Updatable firmware

Advantages of the system

With our innovative, highly secure, very robust and reliable technology „Made in Germany” you can not only update your property but also by and by expand your smart home quickly and effortlessly. When and how extensive is entirely up to you.

Cost reduction

  • Dimming function reduces power consumption
  • Motion detectors will realize nobody is in the room and automatically turn of the lights
  • Heating will be regulated efficiently
  • Cost control by displaying energy consumption per user

Additional benefits

  • Operated by Apps, wall displays and conventional switches
  • Sustainability: Your switches and sockets remain mounted
  • Exceptional security (tested, international standards)
  • „Smart Grid”-ready

Groups and scenarios

Combine different devices into groups to be able to turn all elements on and off together. Put together various scenarios in advance to be summoned and selected on demand and executed with a simple click on a button.