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Unterputz-Installation des ubisys IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Universaldimmer D1

Installing the dimmer D1

Unterputz-Installation des ubisys IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Leistungsschalter S1

Installing the power switch S1

Uncomplicated and quick installation

ubisys building automation primarily is a flush mount solution, meaning that the components controlling your building technology (light and shutter switches, switchable sockets, etc.) are installed into existing installation boxes (see illustrations) totally disappearing into the wall. A prerequisite being deep enough installation boxes, although the boxes in most cases can be deepened even after installment. This should not be of any concern to you, for ubisys in-wall modules are amongst the flattest, maybe even be the flattest available on the market today.

Keep your switches and sockets

With the decision to use the ubisys system your prior investment in switches and sockets is safe, for lighting and shutters can still be controlled with all existing switches — add to that all the new smart home features that come with the ubisys module. This makes you totally independent of the make and having to pick from the range of one manufacturer only. Even if you are raising a new building or simply want to replace the old switches for aesthetic reasons our solution will keep you flexible in your choices. Simply select any range of switches and any manufacturer that you like and combine them to your liking.

Only unconventional switches, e.g. those installed in bus-systems (KNX/EIB) are incompatible.

Please remember that all installations should be done by a licenced electrical company.

You will save money

The uncomplicated and quick installation reduces the workload of the electrical installer(s) right from the beginning. Compared to a bus-system such as EIB/KNX-TP there is no need for infrastructural components like power supplies, line amplifiers, line couplers or area couplers as well as the nuisance of their configuration.

The smart products and solutions by ubisys will give you „bottom line” higher performance at lower costs.

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