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ZigBee Network Manager

ubisys 7B Network Manager for ZigBee PRO
Enterprise licence:
€ 238,-
inkl. VAT

ubisys 7B Network Manager™ for ZigBee PRO

The Network Manager for ZigBee PRO allows the commissioning and diagnostics of ZigBee devices with a notebook. This software is aimed primarily at consumer electronics companies, system integrators, solution providers and manufacturer of ZigBee devices. The ubisys ZigBee Network Manager is a commissioning and diagnostics solution (ZigBee Commissioning Software) and can be used for initial commissioning if no gateway has been installed yet (e.g. in the building shell phase), but the ZigBee devices already are to be tested and then to create bindings.

Note If a gateway is already operational, neither the Network Manager nor the ZigBee/USB adapter U1 is required.

The Network Manager is compatible to ZigBee products of other manufacturers. You can use it, for example, to reset Philips hue LED lamps from a starter kit to default settings and integrate them into your ubisys Home Automation Network. Integration is performed at the ZigBee-level, i.e. without going through the hue Bridge. You can combine lamps from various starter kits as well and also replace a failed hue Bridge. The reversed integration is also possible; you can connect the hue of a Home Automation Network back to a hue Bridge to transmit the latest firmware on your hue lamps.

Manufacturers of ZigBee devices can use the Network Manager to test devices or set up pre-adjustments. Here, the ZigBee/USB adapter U1 can take the role of both coordinator and trust center and create a ZigBee network, or join an existing ZigBee network as a router.

The following function (ZigBee Cluster) groups are currently supported:

Network functions
  • Search for ZigBee networks
  • Create a new network
  • Join an existing network
  • Leave the network
  • Diagram of channel workload
Management (ZDO/ZDP)
  • Explore network
  • Address solution
  • Open/close network
  • Create/delete bindings
  • Retrieve report settings
  • Remove a device from the network
Basic functions
(Basic Cluster)
  • Restore default settings
  • Manufacturer, model, date of manufacture
  • Identification
  • Installation location
  • Environment
(Identify Cluster)
  • Allow unit to identify
(Groups Cluster)
  • Add device to a group
  • Remove device from a group
  • Show group membership
(Scenes Cluster)
  • Amount of saved scenes
  • Future version: Edit scenes
(On/off Cluster)
  • Turn on
  • Turn off
  • Switch
  • Request switching state
(Level-Control Cluster)
  • Approach certain level
  • Raise/lower
  • Stop
  • Request level
(Color-Control Cluster)
  • Set specific colour
  • Request current colour
Shutter control
(Window Covering Cluster)
  • Raise until stop
  • Shut down until stop
  • Stop
  • Approach certain height (absolute, percentaged)
  • Adjust lamella angle (absolute, percentaged)
  • Parameterizing methods
  • Calibration (only ubisys devices)
(Metering Cluster)
  • Total consumption
  • Total yield
  • Instantaneous power (received)
  • Instantaneous power (released)
(Thermostat Cluster)
  • Retrieve room and outside temperature
  • Request presence state
  • Request temperature ranges of heating and cooling regulators
  • Request and specify limitations of the desired value ranges
  • Select internal or external sensors for control circuits
  • Request and specify desired values both for presence and absence case for heating and cooling regulators
Temperature measurement
(Temperature Measurement Cluster)
  • Measurement value
  • Measurement range
  • Tolerance
Electrical measurement values
(Electrical Measurement Cluster)
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Phase angle
  • Power factor
  • Apparent power
  • Active power
  • Reactive power
Power source
(Power Configuration Cluster)
  • Power supply: Voltage, frequency
  • Power supply: Alert threshold for both undervoltage and overvoltage
  • Battery: Manufacturer, type, rated capacitance, rated voltage, amount, voltage, alert threshold for undervoltage
(Commissioning Cluster)
  • Pre-configure network key
  • Change commissioning key
  • Set channel mask
  • Set transmitting power
(Touchlink Cluster)
  • Restore to default settings
Firmware update
(OTA Upgrade Cluster)
  • Start an update
  • Display parameters
Firmware update
(expiring ubisys solution)
  • Perform updates

You require the ubisys U1 Zigbee/USB stick (order code 9072) and a notebook or tablet with a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003 (R2), 2008 (R2) or 2012 (R2).

For manufacturers of ZigBee devices, solution providers and system integrators, we can offer OEM versions with adapted functionality.


Enterprise licence
Per item: € 238,00*

OEM versions
Prices for OEM versions available on request


* All prices incl. VAT, plus postage and packing

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