Zigbee USB Stick U1

With integrated antenna

Zigbee USB stick with integrated antenna which allows notebooks / PCs access to IEEE 802.15.4 / Zigbee networks.

IEEE 802.15.4
Wireshark USB Stick

Diagnostic tool

Diagnostics tool for analyzing wireless IEEE 802.15.4 networks in the 2.4 GHz band.

Platform7B™ /
Zigbee 3.0 Stack

Stack all-in-one solution

An Atmel controller with ARM7TDMI or Cortex-M3 core, Texas Instruments CC2520 2.4GHz RF-Transceiver and the Compact7B™ C++ Zigbee stack: Those are the components of ubisys „Zigbee Platform” which you can use as the foundation for your products.

Luminaire Module

Wireless connectivity
module series

Wireless connectivity module series for integration in your product to get it Zigbee ready. This series provides a line-up of surface-mount modules in various common form-factors with different antenna options.

Development Board

Development tool

Development platform for the development of own Zigbee products.


Network Manager

Commissioning software

The Network Manager for Zigbee PRO allows the commissioning and diagnostics of Zigbee devices with a notebook.

Zigbee Stack

Software library

Compact7B is an embedded C++ library for 32- and 64-bit controllers and System-on-Chips offering wireless communication based on Zigbee PRO. It requires CompactFramework™ and Compact15.4™ to provide the runtime-environment as well as PHY and MAC layers, respectively.


Software library

Compact15.4™ is a C++ library for 32-bit and 64-bit controllers (e.g. Atmel AT91SAM7S and ATSAM4S) enabling wireless communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. Our Compact7B™ ZigBee Stack also uses it as a basis.


Software library

CompactAES is an efficient C++ realisation of the symmetrical AES/Rijndael Block Cyphers utilising either 128, 192 or 256 Bit encryption levels, making it ideal for Embedded Systems.


Software library

Being an asymmetric realization ECC ideally complements AES. This happens to be one of the most secure and high performing public-key methods available today.


Software library

ubisys presents CompactXML, a C++ class library allowing you to import and also generate XML documents according to the Extensible Markup Language Recommendation 1.0.


Software library

This C++ implemantation makes the Message Digest 5 Algorithm for Embedded System applications possible. This allows you to generate 128 Bit long Hash Values to test files for integrity.


Software library

If higher security than MD5 offers is required, SHA-256 is the answer. This secure algorithm meets the highest standards.


Software library

This C++ library offers you a dynamic memory management for Flash Memory. Define a memory pool from where, bit by bit areas of any size can be requested.

Zigbee Gateway


Ubisys offers various gateway solutions. The solutions are modular in structure and can be licensed accordingly. All solutions are based on the certified gateway platform from ubisys.

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